Paolo Fazzini ( Pinin ) was born in 1985 in Premana, a mountain village at 1.000 meters above sea level located between Alta Valsassina and Alta Valvarrone.
After being orphaned, at the age of eleven he left for Venice where at the Bottega Paterna he learned the first notions of forging and processing steel.
At the age of sixteen he moved to Verona where he refined the art of sharpening and after so much wandering in 1942 he finally went back to Premana to carry on the production of scissors and sharpening activity still running today.



In 1964 his youngest son Fabio, after  his father’s death, took over his work with the desire to experiment and “stand out”  and he by registered the brand Due Spade (Two swords)

In 2001, Paolo Fazzini, the 30- year-old grandson and namesake of the founder, took over from his father the place at the head of the company, and he immediately felt the need for a change, an evolution… So he started to travel.

His desire to learn new sharpening techniques, discover new materials and new production processes took him to several places in the world, from India, to Pakistan Korea, Germany, China, Japan and other areas famous for the production of blades.


He was  also in Japan  several times and  here he managed to create interpersonal relationships that changed his personal and professional history.
In this growth path he created contacts with the most important steel mills and learnt sharpening techniques from Japanese masters.

Today Paolo, thanks to the experience gained over the years, expresses in his creations ancient values interpreted in a modern key, by mixing European and Japanese craft traditions that are and will always be the added value of PININ production.





Since 2013, Maria Fazzini, Paolo’s younger sister, is also at his side. After observing and "breathing" from an early age the work of his father and older brother, she divides herself between technical processing and commercial office.
Her passion for foreign languages helped expand Pinin’s overseas sales network.

A brother and a sister who with passion combine past and present, craftsmanship and research.

Pinin today is FAMILY.




Every Pinin creation tells its own story, a story about  commitment and passion of the master craftsmen,  in which the owners have always believed.

The story of a small company that takes the excellence of Italian craftsmanship around the world by making scissors for hairdressers, custom scissors and other stylish steel workings, with innovative design and complete personalization.


The great experience in the field of artisanal steel processing  allowed us to establish ourselves on the market as a reference for anyone who wants to get hold of a valuable and personalized product.

The activity of our craftsmen is characterized by a workmanship inspired by the care for details, the quality of materials, the customer’s wishes.