“I like to think as it once was: every scissor is a signature for me”

In these words that have the progress of a sentence, the profound meaning of Paolo Fazzini’s work is contained. His signature – Pinin – is engraved on each scissor that comes out of his Premana workshop. The nickname of grandfather Paolo, which became the patronymic of an entire family, generation after generation, is today the renowned brand of hairdressing scissors requested and sold all over the world.

Our products

Q di QUALITY is the alphanumeric system with which PININ classifies its scissors based on multiple factors:
materials used, systems and production process, finishing steps, inspection and final guarantee.

The PININ standard starts from no less than Q4, up to the excellence of Q7, an expression of made in Italy certified by PININ.

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Products family Pinin

The standard

The Standard

Make yourself stand out

Make yourself stand out

Not for everyone

Not for everyone

The exellence

The exellence

Each Pinin creation is the result of patient, meticulous work, capable of obtaining maximum performance from materials. Both in terms of use and aesthetic values. Perfection is our goal. We select and choose the best materials, and with a lot of passion we create small masterpieces for you every day, able to accompany you in your work every day.

Custom products

Each PININ creation is designed to reflect your style.
We create custom scissors lines and individual pieces that fit your specific needs.

Our Sentaku Master Line

Soon available for purchase directly in our store.