There is a soul, and you can tell

The Pinin story tells about artisan tradition, pride and passion of our master craftsmen. These values let us feel something that goes beyond the external beauty: there is a soul in our works, and you can tell.

All our items are finished by hand with a very refined technique, they are made one by one, with extreme attention to the least detail and that’s why they can present some small “imperfections”.

Every single creation by PININ tells its own story, a story that deals with the commitment and passion of our masters.

PININ scissors are designed for all types of cutting: regular, net, slipped (slide cutting), peak, texture to let your creativity to adapt to all situations.

What story do you want to tell?
Which model suits you best

Do you know which scissor to choose?

There is a wide range of models and sizes in the catalogue.
The choice of the right scissors is essential to obtain optimal cutting performances.

Do you know the difference between the different handle types?

The handle is not only an aesthetic factor but a functional aspect that help ease hand fatigue.
Every foot has its shoe, every hand has its scissors.

You’ll have to choose the handle that’s most comfortable for you.

Which size suits you best?

The size and grip of the scissors are the two elements that affect the balance of the same.
A proper balance facilitates cutting operations.

Do you know what kind of blade you need for your cut?

For every type of cut you need the proper blade.
Thickness, length, geometry of the blade are the basis for a perfect cut.

Are all steels just the same?

No, the raw material with which cutting articles are produced, together with heat treatment, are the two most important elements that determine the quality and durability of your scissors. Follow Pinin’s advice.

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