Your scissors
always new

We’re prepared for any occurence.

We do not just create scissors for hairdressers that are professional and that last over time: we also offer a service of repairing and reviewing of your cutting tools.

Our service is complete, from cleaning and sharpening to replacement of damaged parts and cutting tests.

For an ideal and correct operation it is essential to have regenerated instruments, with the right balance, the correct lubrication and sharpening.

The regeneration of your scissors includes 10 fundamental step:

  1. Assessment and general inspection of the tool
  2. Verification test of cutting parameters
  3. Disassembly and first cleaning
  4. Sharpening of external blade wire
  5. Internal blade grinding
  6. Polishing
  7. Second cleaning
  8. Mounting
  9. Lubrication and balancing
  10. Test of cut control
(the service has a 15-day warranty and includes replacement of damaged parts)